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“Welcome & Congratulations on taking one of the first and most important steps towards “Taking Back Control of YOUR Life” and becoming the person YOU want and deserve to be………….!

Why Use Us ?

1. Commitment and Dedication to delivering the result you have come for ! Here at Positive Tranceformations we are Dedicated and Committed to Having our Clients Reliably and Consistently Achieve their Desired Outcome In the Fastest Possible Time. IN FACT, WHERE POSSIBLE AND PRACTICAL, UPON REQUEST WE OFTEN OFFER A RESULTS COMMITMENT *** (More Info Available on request)
2. Longer Sessions = Greater Value= Your Desired Outcome Faster. The sessions we offer go for anywhere up to 2 and even 3 Hours ! ( A lot more can be achieved in these sessions, than in the industry standard one hour sessions.
3. Proven Results and a High Success Rate Our high rate of client referrals and The Dozens of Real Life Client Video Testimonials that can be found on the right of this page on this page (MANY MORE TESTIMONIALS can be viewed on the dedicated Testimonials Page) Provide a fascinating and confidence inspiring insight into the real life Results and Experiences of our clients.
4. Because We Care…. Deal with a Passionate, down to earth Professional Therapist who genuinely cares !
5. Nationally Recognised Qualfications and Accreditation -See further down this page for our principal therapists ( Michael Boehm’s) full list of Accreditation, training and Qualifications……
6. After Hours Hypnotherapy Sessions Available

Whether you’ve come here seeking assistance to stop smoking or break some other unwanted habit, lose weight, become free from phobias, anxiety, depression, trauma, grief or an eating disorder, or you simply wish to increase your confidence, abilities and performance levels; to improve the quality of your life and those of your loved ones, you have come to the right place…

“Distance Sessions Available via Skype”

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In order to Assist our clients to Consistently Achieve The Breakthrough Results they’ve come to expect from us……

We Utilise the latest in behavioural, change, and results enhancement technologies in the fields of;
-Clinical Hypnotherapy
-NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)
-EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

We commonly have, and continue to help individuals, groups and organisations achieve the following outcomes through Gold Coast hypnotherapy sessions:
Stop Smoking
-Weight Loss/ Body Reshaping
Phobias Cured
Freedom from Anxiety & Panic Attacks
-Stress Reduction
Release Grief
Depression Alleviated
-Confidence & Motivation
-Enhance Sports & Academic Performance
-Increase Sales & Business Revenues
-Freedom from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
-Assist with injury and stroke recovery
-Sexual issues
-Freedom from addictions
-Insomnia Relief
-Coping with Tinnitus
-Corporate Consultancy & Training Programmes

What is it?

Hypnosis is a natural, relaxed and focused state of mind that creates access to the powerful resources of a person’s subconscious mind.Hypnotherapy is the therapeutic application of that to create positive remedial outcomes for people.

Effectiveness of this therapy

In an extensive survey of psychotherapy literature by Alfred A. Barrios, Ph.D. the following recovery rates were revealed:

  • Hypnotherapy 93% recovery after 6 sessions
  • Psychoanalysis: 38% recovery after 600 sessions
  • Behaviour Therapy: 72% recovery after 22 sessions
  • (Source: Psychotherapy Magazine Vol7 No.1)

Let us help you take advantage of “Possibly the fastest and most effective method of recovery and change therapy available in the world today.”
(Source: Psychology Today)

Welcome to Positive TranceFormations

As the home of a leading Gold Coast hypnotist, we are passionate about and committed to helping liberate people from unwanted habits, phobias, fears, anxiety, past issues and limiting beliefs, so that they can experience more freedom, joy and improve the overall quality of their lives.

happy client Hypnosis Gold Coast

Choosing a Therapist

Choosing a Therapist to work with is a very personal decision. This is the person you’ll be trusting to share and assist you in your individual journey from where you are now, to where you want to be.

It is important that you contact and speak directly with any prospective therapist you may be considering seeing. That way you will be able to get a feeling for, and ascertain whether or not they are suited to assist you in achieving the outcomes you want for yourself.

We also suggest you ensure that any therapist you see has the appropriate credentials to practice as a hypnotist in the Gold Coast and has a Hypnotherapy Association Membership.

Michael Boehm Hypnosis Gold Coast
Michael Jasiel Boehm

  • Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy.
  • Cert IV NLP. -E.F.T Practitioner.
  • Cert IV Workplace Training & Asses.
  • Positive Notice Blue Card (Working with Children & Young People)
  • AHA Clinical Member

Enquiries are always welcome call Michael on (07) 5576 6410

Why use Positive TranceFormations?

  • At Positive TranceFormations we are all about results, and delivering on the outcomes and changes you want to achieve through hypnosis.
  • We are so focused on results that these are what govern our session times are governed by results, and not the clock. Individual, private sessions could run from anywhere between 45 Minutes and up to 3 Hours!
  • We believe in giving you the personalised attention you deserve. For this reason, I never see more than three clients on any given day.

Imagine the results you can look forward to experiencing in your first session, working with a Hypnotherapist & NLP Practitioner, who is this committed to getting you the results you want and deserve!

Now don’t just imagine those results – experience them

Call Michael on (07) 5576 6410