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Anxiety Treatment

Panic Attacks

The effects of anxiety, panic attacks and phobias can be debilitating, frustrating, overwhelming, and even downright terrifying for the sufferer.

What often makes matters worse is that panic attacks tend to be triggered, created and compounded at an unconscious level. Friends, family members and loved ones of sufferers often lack an understanding and compassion for what is a very real difficulty for the sufferer. This is because anxiety and panic attacks fall outside the context of many people’s understanding and experience.
This often makes the sufferer feel somewhat misunderstood and alone in dealing with their difficulty.

Likewise, a person who has a phobia of a certain object, environment or context finds themselves almost instantaneously flushed with feelings of overwhelming fear – manifesting in symptoms such as sweaty palms, racing and heightened pulse or breathing, and feelings of panic – in the presence of, or sometimes merely at the suggestion of, the object of their phobia.

The “SECRET” To Curing your Fears through Hypnosis and Treatment

Our Gold Coast anxiety treatments involve a recognition for what your phobia or anxiety truly is.

The “conventional” medical paradigm defines anxiety as a mental illness or disorder.

While I will be the first person to admit that the symptoms of anxiety are hardly desirable or “normal”, I do not believe that viewing or labelling anxiety, phobias or PTSD as a mental disorder or illness is useful or accurate. This is because doing so puts these conditions in the same sort of classification as conditions like schizophrenia or bipolar disorder.

We think that is ridiculous, and here’s why. You can take any physically, mentally and emotionally healthy and stable man, woman or child, and, if they are exposed to certain types of traumas upsets or disturbances (such as a war, for example) they will almost certainly develop anxiety. This is because, anxiety, phobias and PTSD are simply an adaptive response to trauma which activates a “protector” function in the subconscious mind.

Our anxiety treatment specialist knows that you DO NOT have a mental illness. There is nothing innately “wrong” with you. What has happened is this: there is an inbuilt defense mechanism in the unconscious mind of humans. This defense mechanism has a name. It is the amygdala in the limbic system of the brain.

How Hypnosis Anxiety Treatment Relates to Fear and the Brain

The amygdala is the part of the brain that regulates the “fight or flight” response in humans. Usually it is only temporarily activated in potentially life threatening or dangerous scenarios, like if someone suddenly appeared wielding a knife, threatening you, or demanding your purse or wallet.

However, there are other sets of circumstances that will often stimulate the amygdala, and activate it into action, effectively putting it on continual high alert.

In the case of a phobia, a fright or scare of sufficient magnitude literally ‘flicks a switch’ and awakens a dormant, inbuilt ‘protector’ in your unconscious mind that essentially says:

“Wow! That was really bad! I don’t want that to EVER happen to you again! So, to make sure that never happens to you again, if you ever put yourself anywhere near the object or situation of the original Big Scare, I’ll give you a healthy dose of flight or fight as well as the emotional content of the original scare, so that you remove yourself, and quickly.”

Anxiety Treatments

In the case of anxiety, panic attacks and PTSD, it is similar yet slightly different. What usually happens instead, is that there is a series of highly upsetting, unsettling, scary or traumatic experiences that have a similar theme, the cumulative effect of which then activates the same inbuilt “defense mechanism” (think of it as your very own security guard or watchdog) and puts in on high alert.

Brain scans reveal that people with anxiety or phobias have amygdala’s which are enlarged or hypersensitised. This is the hallmark, indicating that the “protector” function within the amygdala has been activated, and is on high alert. What this means, is that a person suffering from a phobia only becomes anxious in proximity to the specific object or situation that triggered the phobia.

A person suffering from panic attacks or anxiety, will find that a number of scenarios set off the flight or fight response because the protector is attempting to defend its owner against a wider range of generalised, perceived threats that alarm it. Not only does the anxiety consist of the fight or flight feelings, but mixed in with that is a replayed, prerecording of the emotional content of the original and subsequent upsets or frights that activated it in the first place. Not pleasant.

You see, your inbuilt subconscious protector operates like a form of automatic behavioural software, and doesn’t have the ability to use logic or rational thinking to discern that you are not in actual danger. Your body and emotions literally respond as though you are. Your well intentioned protector is simply overprotecting you.

The reason that advice like “just get over it” or “think about it differently” is fairly useless and impractical, is because the protector function operates and functions as part of the subconscious mind. Attempts to logically talk it out of responding the way it does are doomed to fail. The subconscious mind responds, communicates and is influenced via strong feelings, mental imagery and pictures.

Our Anxiety Hypnosis and Treatment Approach

An effective phobia or anxiety treatment recognises and utilises this knowledge to literally thank and acknowledge the protector, safely release the emotions that activated it, and respectfully instruct it to ‘stand down’ from overprotecting.

Once you have experienced our counselling and treatment its goodbye to your anxiety or phobia!


Using this methodology, phobias are cured in 1-3 sessions (often, just 1 session is all that’s required).

Anxiety usually takes 3-8 sessions to disarm.

**Individuals currently taking antidepressants or anxiety medication may require 6-12 sessions, depending on a number of factors**

PTSD usually takes 6-15 treatment sessions to conquer. Medicated individuals may require slightly more sessions.

(These sessions are one on one and usually go for up to 2-3 hours each)

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