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  • Foods For Moods

    By: , Date of Blog: 10th of November 2013

    he mind–body connection is something that you can’t deny. We all know that what we think and feel has an effect on what our bodies do. If you have been suffering from a stress-related disorder or .

  • Simple Steps To Being Happier

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    Let’s face it – a lot of people come to find help from hypnotherapy because they’re not happy. Often, the source of their unhappiness comes from some problem or a toxic belief that’s held deep.

  • Comfort Eating – What It Is And Isn’t

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    One thing you often become aware of in the field of hypnotherapy is that there is a strong link between the emotions and the way we eat. In fact, one of the areas that hypnosis is often used for is in.

  • Some More EFT How-Tos

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    Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Earlier, we posted a few articles about the use of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and how it works in well with hypnotherapy. If you’re not familiar with the .