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  • The Four Basic Personality Types

    By: , Date of Blog: 10th of November 2013

    In the last article, we introduced the four basic personality types. It has been recognised for a very long time that people tend to fall into four broad personality categories, with various mixtures .

  • Your Personality Type Part I

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    When you’re working with the mind and people’s beliefs, which hypnotherapy does, you’re working with personalities. Personality is one of those fundamental things and no amount of hypnosis is go.

  • SAD and Hypnotherapy

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    Problems with anxiety and excess worry are often triggers that eventually lead to problems with depression, as well as being psychological disorders in their own right.  Often, there is a large menta.

  • Willpower, Weaknesses and Weight Loss

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    We hope everyone’s going well with sticking to their goals and plans for 2013, aka New Year Resolutions. It’s by about now that a lot of us are starting to wonder if the little bit extra we collec.