The Four Basic Personality Types


In the last article, we introduced the four basic personality types. It has been recognised for a very long time that people tend to fall into four broad personality categories, with various mixtures and blends between categories, of course, as everyone’s unique.  Your personality is something in-born, and while different personality types are more prone to having certain problems and issues in the mind, it is impossible for hypnotherapy to change your basic underlying personality type, any more than hypnosis can change the colour of your hair or your height.

We’ve chosen to use the labels of the four Pythagorean elements (Earth, Air, Fire and Water) to name the four types, with Earth representing what was classically known as the phlegmatic type, Air corresponding to sanguine, Fire to choleric and Water to melancholic. These might not be quite the elements associated with the four types in classical Pythagorean philosophy, but it fits well with the way that we use language to describe these types.

What you’re all wanting to know at the moment is how to work out which personality type best fits who you are. This quiz should help you get a more or less general idea. Don’t forget that some people are a blend of two or even three types, and you might be one of them.

Q1: If someone says something hurtful or insulting to you, how do are you most likely to react?
A: Give them the full blast of your anger (or bite your tongue so you don’t blow them up).
B: Burst into tears and shrink away.
C: Give them a sarcastic and (hopefully) witty comeback.
D: Shrug it off – it doesn’t bother you.

Q2: Which of the following matches your social life most closely?
A: Reasonably full and a lot of it is work-related or else I belong to a club or group.  I tend to be a bit of an organiser and make big plans for events, parties and outings.
B: Somewhat on the quiet side. I have a few close friends and I’m always there with a listening ear and a helping hand when they need it. But I don’t mind my own company and being alone.
C: My social life is my life – I have tons of friends and I’m always having them over or going out to their place.  And I’m always making new friends.
D: I’ve got a good circle of friends and I like to just chill out with them.  They know that they can depend on me.

Q3: You’ve just finished a craft project.  What are you likely to do now?
A: Feel satisfied and proud of your achievement, and you display what you’ve done proudly like a trophy.
B: Have a good hard look at it, noticing all the little flaws in it so you know what to work on and do better at next time.  You’ve enjoyed the creative process but if you’re not satisfied with the result, you may be tempted to throw it away.
C: Take a photo and post it to all the social media sites you follow, then call and text all your friends as well.  Some of them are amazed that you actually finished one of the many fun projects you’ve started.
D: Think “Well, that’s a pretty good job,” and feel satisfied.  You may or may not put the object on display, but you go and have a drink and chill out. Eventually, you might get around to putting your equipment away.

Q4: Your child falls off playground equipment and grazes their knee. While you administer first aid, what are you most likely to do or say?
A: Emphasise that this is the sort of thing that happens if you’re not careful, then encourage them to get out there and try again.
B: “That must hurt – I bet it was scary when you fell.” And you make sure that you kiss the sore spot better and/or accompany the first aid with hugs.
C: Laugh about how funny the accident looked.
D: Not much – you get on and calmly pop on the bandages and disinfectant.

Q5: What sort of sports are you most likely to take up or enjoy?
A: Something competitive, whether or not it’s a team sport. I like to win!
B: A target sport or a solo sport where I can work on my technique and skill.
C: Something fun, preferably a team sport or something I can do as a group.  I’ll try anything that looks interesting.
D: A team sport where I can depend on my team mates and they can depend on me.

Q6: If you were in a cricket team, which player are you most likely to be?
A: The captain who leads by example, either as an aggressive pace bowler or a top-order batsman.  Drinks break is when you give your team a good pep talk.
B: A spin bowler who likes to bowl perfect balls every time. When you’re not bowling, you field in deep or near the boundary.
C: The wicket keeper who is in the middle of the action and keeps up a steady patter of encouraging talk to the bowler and your team mates – and maybe a bit of sledging if you can get away with it.
D: The middle order batsman who keeps his/her head under pressure and has the patience to wait for the right balls before hitting out.  If it’s a two-day match, you’re the perfect choice for the night watchman who stays cool under fire.

Q7: Which of the classic Winnie The Pooh characters is most like you?
A: Rabbit – the captainish organiser.
B: Eeyore – the gloomy loner.
C: Tigger – bouncy and enthusiastic.
D: Pooh – calm, loyal and reliable.

Q8: Which of the following negative traits are you most likely to have?
A: Anger
B: Anxiety
C: Failure to acheive
D: Laziness

Q9: Which of the following positive traits are you most likely to have?
A: The ability to encourage and inspire others.
B: You get the little things right.
C: Friendliness and generosity.
D: Peace, tranquillity and loyalty.

Q10: Which character from The Wind In The Willows are you most like?
A: Rat: Courageous, skilled, strategic and doesn’t mind telling off friends to set them on the right track.
B: Badger: Not overly fond of company but has a lot of insight into people and how they think.
C: Mr Toad: Outgoing, friendly and impulsive.
D: Mole: A loyal friend with a strong love of home.

Four Personality Types Part 2 Results:

Mostly As: Fire, the choleric type.

Mostly Bs: Water, the melancholic type.

Mostly Cs: Air, the sanguine type.

Mostly Ds: Earth, the phlegmatic type.

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