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Positive TranceFormations is a leading provider of hypnotherapy for depression on the Gold Coast. Depression treatment with us engages the resources of the powerful subconscious mind, reinforcing positive suggestions, while freeing you from the past, to enable you to enjoy and live a satisfying and happy life moving in the direction of realising your potential and goals.

Janine’s Depression, Anxiety & Insomnia Transformed

Is depression keeping you down, and preventing you from living the life you want to live?

While sometimes the origin of depression needs to be medically evaluated, our hypnotherapy can be very effective in eliminating this condition.

Hypnotherapy can assist in successfully addressing and changing the negative thought patterns that keep recreating the sometimes debilitating disorder. During hypnotherapy treatment for depression at our Gold Coast office, we work with productive positive therapies and tools which allow you to reach and deal with core issues that enable you to take back control of your life.

How can depression hypnotherapy in the Gold Coast help you find freedom?

My favourite definition for this disorder is: DEPRESSION – ANGER WITHOUT ENTHUSIASM. (i.e. resignation instead). Depression can be temporary or chronic. It is usually characterised by symptoms such as:

• Fatigue
• Difficulty getting to sleep
• Interrupted sleep
• Withdrawal from social interaction
• Significant weight gain or loss
• Anxious feelings
• Pessimistic attitude
• Lack of enthusiasm for the future
• Grumpiness and irritability
• Negative self-talk and thought patterns

Conventional medical depression treatments often involve various antidepressants and other medications, which seek to correct the chemical and hormonal balance and effects of biological hormones like serotonin, dopamine, endorphins and the like, which are the indicators and influencers of mood.

It is true that such medical drug interventions are sometimes necessary and/or beneficial in the short term. However, in the medium-to-long term, if the underlying perceptions, feelings and reactions that led to the depression are not effectively dealt with, processed and released, then antidepressants do little more than put a “cap” on the peaks and troughs of depression. This maintains the “status quo” on the root causes, and leaves the sufferer to deal with the side effects that often accompany these medications.

That’s where hypnotherapy can help.

The experience of depression is unique to the individual with the common element being a complete lack of lust for life. As a hypnotherapist practitioner I believe that those who experience these negative emotions attempt to protect themselves and others by shutting down. Through hypnotherapy techniques, you can unlock and deal with these emotions and begin to enjoy life once again.

Do not let it take over your world. Seek help for depression on the Gold Coast.

My job as a hypnotherapist, is then to help my client identify, reconnect to, and safely release the overwhelming feelings from the past, and to transform and reframe the limiting decisions and judgements that came with them. Once this process is completed, the client is then, more often than not, almost magically able to reconnect to their former goals, hopes, aspirations and dreams – or create new ones. Hypnotherapy can offer hope.

Having regained their ability to imagine a future worth looking forward to, and getting some assistance and direction in starting to take practical steps towards the realisation of these, most formerly depressed people will then start rediscovering their smile, more and more.

Below is Rathika’s testimonial sharing the transformation and release of her anxiety and depression, quickly and easily with hypnotherapy. Prior to this, she had seen psychologists across the Gold Coast for years without experiencing significant breakthroughs or improvements.

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