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Good news for people with intense fears and phobias in the Gold Coast and throughout the country.

By using NLP, EFT and hypnosis a skilled practitioner is able to offer a complete phobia cure – often in just one session.

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View the video below to hear how Beverly’s fear of lifts was completely cured in one phobia counselling session.

Phobias can be completely cured using NLP, EFT and Hypnosis by a skilled practitioner – (Usually in one session).

A Phobia may be defined as a very strong, overwhelming, fearful and anxious reaction to a given object, environment or situation.

Some of the most common we encounter and cure through our phobia treatment include;

Fear of:

  • Heights
  • Lifts and Elevators
  • Confined spaces
  • Water
  • Spiders
  • Snakes
  • Birds
  • Dogs
  • Crowds
  • Open spaces
  • Needles
  • The Dentist
  • Public Speaking
  • Flying
  • Plus many more.

Understanding what those fears truly are and the function they are attempting to perform is an essential first step for a successful phobia cure for our Gold Coast clients

Nearly all phobias arise in the following way:
– A person has an intensely traumatic, frightening or unpleasant experience that they may or may not consciously remember.
– The traumatic or upsetting event has enough emotional charge to activate a defense or “protector” mechanism in the subconscious mind (In the amygdala). This activated protector mechanism, for all intents and purposes responds by creating a ‘ Fight or Flight’ alarmed response around the object or specifics present at the trauma, as a method of forcing the individual to avoid such events or objects in the future.

So a phobia can be understood as a defense mechanism of the subconscious mind, doing its job and performing one of its most important and primal functions, protecting its owner.

In many cases this defense mechanism is overprotecting and interfering in a person’s life in a way that is restricting their freedom.

Our approach

Positive TranceFormations offers specialist phobia counselling to Gold Coast clients. Our approach honours and preserves the unconscious mind’s ability to protect its owner, and simply recalibrates and resets the stimulus-anxiety responses of the unconscious to the level deemed appropriate by the client.

In order to effectively cure phobias through hypnosis, we use a combination of Waking Hypnosis, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and something known as EFT (The Emotional Freedom Technique). By combining these three techniques, we have so far had a 97% success rate.

Over 90% of these cures have taken just one session, and all other cases have been resolved in two or three. With success rates like these, it will come as no surprise that we can offer clients the option of taking up a Results Commitment, which entails committing to a successful outcome for the client at a fixed fee.

Before commencing the phobia counselling, client expectations are discussed, and we set a specific goal that proves to them that they have fully overcome the irrational fear. We then proceed until the client has an experience that proves to them that they no longer have this phobia.

Sessions can last from anywhere between 20 minutes and 3 ½ hours. To achieve a complete cure, phobia treatment, usually takes somewhere between 2 and 3 hours, on average.

What sets us apart?

The Positive TranceFormations phobia counselling method is quite unique in that, the process often involves taking the work out into the field, so to speak. This is because the cure process entails gently and in a highly controlled environment exposing the client to the object or subject of their phobia. It is important to emphasise that this is done in a non-threatening way where the client remains 100% in control at all times. There is absolutely no bravery required. This is not a feel the fear, grit your teeth and push through it anyway process.

It is quite the opposite in fact. We start by setting up an agreed scale or indicator with the client to measure their anxiety level between 0 and 10, where 0 is no anxiety whatsoever, and 10 is unbearably intense anxiety. We then work on the premise that anytime the client’s anxiety level starts to escalate at all, we stop and use the phobia treatment process until such time that all anxiety is removed or reduced to negligible level.

The process is repeated until the client becomes comfortable in direct proximity to the object/subject that used to arouse overwhelming fear.

This phobia counselling process will reset your unconscious emotional responses to the object or environment, to whatever response you deem appropriate.

Even more impressively, these changes become the new settings for the unconscious mind, meaning the new changes and freedoms you enjoy, are lasting changes.

Imagine being free of your debilitating fears.
Now, don’t just imagine that new freedom – create it!

Here at Positive TranceFormations, we are THE SPECIALISTS when it comes to helping you overcome your fears on the Gold Coast. Phobia treatment with us is your passport to greater freedom and a happier life. Find out more by calling us today!

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