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Fantastic News for People with Intense Fears and Phobias

Singular Phobias are able to be completely  cured  (often, in a little as one session) using NLP, EFT and Hypnosis by a skilled practitioner.

Complex Phobias, such as a Phobia of Flying, can usually be dismantled in 3 sessions.

A Phobia can be defined as a particularly intense, overwhelming, anxious and fearful reaction to a particular environment, object, or situation.

The most common phobias  that we consistently  encounter, treat and cure include;

Phobias or intense fear of:

  • Public Speaking
  • Confined spaces
  • Vomiting
  • Open spaces
  • Heights
  • Lifts and Elevators
  • Crowds
  • Snakes
  • Dogs
  • Birds
  • Spiders
  • Water
  • Needles
  • The Dentist
  • Public Speaking
  • Flying
  • Public Transport
  • Loss of Bowel Control
  • AND Many More

Quality NLP and/or EFT Training and a thorough working Knowledge of what phobias
are, is  the key to being able to successfully and quickly dismantle them. Many (In fact
most) Psychologists and councellors who do not have specific NLP or EFT Training will not
be able to effectively and rapidly cure a Phobia.

Practically all Phobias  originate like this ;

– An individual has an intensely unpleasant or frightening experience, which they may or may not remember at a conscious level.

– The specific event or series of events has sufficient emotional charge to automatically
activate a defence mechanism of the unconscious mind, that for all intents and purposes
decides ;  “WHOOW! that was extremely unpleasant and frightening! There is no way that I am ever going to let that happen to you again. From now on, to make absolutely sure  that never happens again, if you ever, ever, put yourself anywhere near an environment or object which, remotely resembles that/those original frights, I will completely flood your body with so much anxiety, that you’ll have no choice but to remove yourself, fast”.

Viewed from this perspective, it becomes obvious that a phobia , is simply a defence
mechanism inbuilt into the subconscious mind, designed to perform the highly admirable and beneficial task, of protecting the individual from the perceived threat of harm.

With most phobias, the subconscious mind is merely “OVERPROTECTING”, and as a
result, unnecessarily interfering and encroaching on the client’s freedoms and life.

Phobia Treatment Clinic Brisbane

The Phobia Cure Treatment/ Process  we utilise at Positive TranceFormations preserves and honours the subconscious mind’s ability to protect the self while simply re-calibrating
and resetting the stimulus-anxiety responses of the subconscious to a much lower level, such as that deemed desirable and advantageous to the client.

At Positive TranceFormations we consistently and effectively cure Phobias , using
a special combination of Waking Hypnosis, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and  EFT
(The Emotional Freedom Technique).

By utilising this extremely effective modality combination, I, to date, have had an
incredible 98% success rate in curing Phobias.

More than 95% of these phobia cures have taken just the one session. All remaining phobias have been cured by the second session. Because of such high success rates,  I offer clients the option of taking up a Results Commitment. What that means to you the client, is very straight forward. I will work with you until your phobia is cured to your satisfaction.

The way this works on a practical level,is that once I commence work with a client, I will
ask them;  “…What new experience would you have to have, to know 100% in yourself, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that this phobia is now gone?”

I then work in a very interactive and close way with the client until they have the
experience that proves to them, that they no longer have their previously held phobia.
In most instances, the Phobia Cure process is successful after only one session.

Phobia Cure sessions can take from anywhere between 20 minutes and 3  hours to complete. The majority of phobia cures take somewhere between 1 and 2 hours.

Phobia Therapy Brisbane

This Positive Tranceformations Phobias Cured therapy is fairly unique in that,
this therapy process will often involve taking the session work out into the field.

Our unique Phobia Cure Process involves gently exposing the client,(in a highly controlled
environment, where the client remains 100% totally in control at all times), to the subject
or object of their Phobia. I wish to emphasise that this is done in a  completely non-threatening way, where the client remains 1000% in control, at all times. There is
absolutely no requirement for bravery. This is definitely not, a confrontational feel the fear,  and push through anyway process.Absolutely nothing is forced.

To do so, would actually worsen and aggravate a phobia.

Instead, after anchoring feelings of safety and serenity, I start by setting up with the
client, an agreed scale  to measure their immediate anxiety level, between 0 and 10.
This scale starts at 0, which is no anxiety whatsoever,  through to the other end of the
scale which is 10, representing unbearably intense anxiety. We then work on the
understanding and instruction that anytime the client’s  anxiety level  escalates at all,
we promptly stop and use the phobia cure process until  all anxiety is removed or reduced
to an extremely low level (i.e. a 0,1 or 2 out of 10).

This process is continued until the client finds themselves comfortable in direct proximity
to the object/subject that once used to cause an intense flight or fight response.

This powerful phobia cure process  resets the client’s unconscious and automatic emotional
responses to the object or environment, to whatever new responses, are desired and useful
to the client.

Impressively, these chosen responses become the new settings for the subconscious mind,
meaning the new changes and freedoms enjoyed by the client, become lasting changes. Imagine the Freedoms of your new life,  Phobia Free !

Now, don’t just imagine that new freedom, experience it!

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