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Hypnotherapy / NLP / EFT to Help You Lose Weight

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Each client’s experience with using hypnotherapy for weight loss differs, so it can be difficult to describe what to expect. Sometimes a client’s explanation sums it up better than I ever could. For anyone considering using Positive TranceFormations’ clinical hypnotherapy and NLP to lose weight on the Gold Coast, please read Karen’s observations below.

“While I have never really considered myself grossly overweight, I have for the last 10 years or so waged a constant battle with my weight. Most of that time I have probably hovered at between 8-15 KG above what I would consider my ideal weight. During that time I have gone on a number of diets, and with much effort, lost some weight, only to put it back on, with interest once I fall back into my normal ways.

I think I’ve always known what is required for me to successfully lose weight. Eat smaller quantities of good quality foods more often, and exercise regularly. For me, saying that is one thing, doing it is quite another. It’s almost as though a part of me runs on automatic pilot, habitually doing things I know I shouldn’t. Up until fairly recently, it’s like I was my own worst enemy.

I did three Hypnotherapy Sessions with Michael at Positive TranceFormations, and what I found was, that I was able to fall into a groove, kind of like developing new habits, that were consistent with my weight loss goals. Significantly, unlike the diets I’d previously tried, I did not feel as though I was depriving myself of anything. Actually, the new habits I began to develop and practice seemed to fit my life better than the old habits.

I hit my target weight of 62 KG (I started at 75 KG) 3 months after commencing hypnosis for weight loss. I am delighted to report that I have maintained my new body weight for almost one year now. I thoroughly recommend this hypnosis program to anyone who is serious about losing some weight and keeping it off.”

Karen C, Mermaid Beach

The Hypnosis/ NLP Weight Loss Program Gold Coast

Our hypnotherapy program involves attending three sessions, spaced a fortnight apart from each other. Each session goes for approximately 2 to 2 ½ hours.

During these sessions we will be accessing and reprogramming your subconscious mind, to have you starting to think, feel, act and behave like a slim person, so that you can become one.

Imagine, achieving your ideal body weight and shape and keeping it!

All this can be achieved without denying yourself anything, or subjecting yourself to the demoralising effects of conventional “Yo-Yo” Dieting.

To find out more about how we can help you lose weight, contact our Gold Coast office on (07) 5576 6410 and make an appointment today!

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